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A European research family-owned company
Pluryal is a European based family-owned business that has been designing, developing and selling medical aesthetic products since 1999. Located in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, the very heart of Europe, Pluryal is managed today by 4 passionate siblings. The second generation of the same founding family. With rapid territorial expansion, today Pluryal treatments can be found in more than 70 countries around the globe, covering all 5 continents.


  • Quality Guaranteed
    In compliance with stringent quality requirements, Pluryal products are manufactured in line with strict international standards: ISO 13485 (medical devices) and ISO 22716 (cosmetics). All products are individually inspected, manually and visually assessed, one by one, before they are released to the market.
  • Continuous Innovation
    Pluryal is committed to innovation and dedicates a significant percentage of its yearly revenues to R&D. Before the end of 2020, Pluryal will consist of the widest range of aesthetic medical treatments offering solutions for the skin, hair, body and intimate areas.
  • Clean Beauty Guaranteed
    Pluryal Mesoline products are sterile and without added preservatives.
    Soon, we will be launching green injectables to satisfy the rising demand of “clean beauty products”.
  • Studies & Clinical Trials
    All Pluryal products are tested, with clinical trials conducted to ensure safety and efficacy. Pluryal physicians around the world are also continuously trained and educated to use precise protocols that will guarantee you the best results.


At Pluryal, we believe that “Your Most Beautiful Age Is Now”
To help enjoy your age at anytime, anywhere and everywhere, we believe:
In promoting individual and natural standards of beauty that improve your looks whilst preserving your identity.
That every person should feel self-confident and beautiful at any age. It is your right. We are firm believers in the “Pro-Aging” revolution.
360° approach: We have you covered from head to toe. We made sure that our products treat your skin, hair and body
  • As a plastic surgeon, I love to restore a youthful glow to the skin, reshape the face and work on the texture of the skin and on a global facial rejuvenation. I like Pluryal® products because they are very safe, delicate, easy to use and particularly effective.
    Dr. Thomas RAPPL, Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Austria
  • I am a skin therapist and I specialize in skin revitalization. By combining the various Pluryal Mesoline skin products together, I’m able to provide my patients with precise, complete and natural results.
    Dr. Hale KAPKIN, Aesthetic doctor, Germany
  • What I particularly like about the whole range of Pluryal fillers is the fact that it gives me the flexibility to deal with many conditions, whether on volumizing, preparing the skin or on dealing with elasticity issues. It gives me the flexibility to treat patients of all ages with very little downtime, very little swelling and just the predictable outcome. As a clinician, looking good requires having the right material to help this beautiful symbiotic relationship.
    Prof. Bob KHANNA, Professor in facial aesthetics, UK
  • I use Pluryal mesoline and Pluryal injectables since more than 8 years.  I love to use all the Pluryal ranges because you can have an amazing combination with all the products, and even with Pluryal mesoline products together you can have the perfect results.
    Dr. Serin EL ALI, Aesthetic doctor, Jordan
  • With Pluryal® fillers, we manage to correct volume loss in a natural way using the “contouring technique”. By using very small quantities of the product, we can precisely redistribute light and shadow in the face for a natural result without artificial effects. Our patients are very satisfied with this range offering such great products.
    Prof. Alexander TURKEVYCH, Professor in Dermatology, Ukraine